Tuesday, October 24, 2006

From the bottom of my broken Heart...

This song is a John Mayer's I was introduced to some eight to ten months ago.

This is a song that talks so deep into my heart I cannot tell.

This is a song that makes me feel bad. And even worse. But I think this is its purpose, I mean, what would someone who writes such a song have in mind? Maybe a bad experience approximate to mine and this person would be tryin to expell it, to put it away... Like to get rid of a ghost... Or perhaps as to pay homage to that special person he (considering it's a HE) lost.

But man, that's so kinda painful and sweet at once... Maybe this is exactly what that word means in the end...That strange word...what was it ? Erm...uhm... Serendipity! Yeah! This word... So you can read the title as "From the bottom of my broken Heart" (or as I call it myself) "Serendipity".

Well lemme tell you the name of the song and then you can listen to it by clicking on the link, with the cumpliments of Terra, here: introducing John Mayer's "Comfortable".